Ethereum ETH and Dogecoin DOGE at BitStarz

BitStarz Casino has not been around that long as it just began in 2013. The casino made the decision to offer Bitcoin as a payment option in 2015. Since the casino has not looked back, and it has become a popular online casino, especially for those who want or prefer to use Bitcoin (BTC) as a payment option.

This award-winning online casino has recently announced that it will also allow casino members to use other popular cryptocurrencies such as Ethereum (ETH) and Dogecoin (DOGE). These are known as alternative coins to Bitcoin. Even though Bitcoin was the first crypto to be used, players can now seize the opportunity to wager with other options such as Dogecoin and Ethereum.

About Ethereum

It is no surprise that BitStarz Casino has added Ethereum as a payment option. This cryptocurrency has had a quick rise to fame since it was first created. Ethereum is now considered to be the second most popular digital coin behind Bitcoin. Some of the biggest names in movies, tech, and finance have jumped onboard the Ethereum train. The technology behind Ethereum has also gone on to create ICOs, and other software to show what the Blockchain is capable of creating

The Doge

Dogecoin is not used extensively as Ethereum or Bitcoin, but it highlights almost the power of the public and media in product adoption. DOGE began as a joke, and there were countless memes. However, Dogecoin is no longer considered a joke or something to be ignored when looking at the zeros behind its market cap. Players can look forward to using this more affordable digital currency.

BitStarz Casino and New Currencies

There is a reason that BitStarz Casino was voted as one of the top Bitcoin casinos. The addition of Ethereum and Dogecoin is a way to provide options to casino members with the increasing popularity of these coins. This is a way of the casino seeing an opportunity to answer the wants of its customers. Casino members can never really have too many options, and with it being easier to complete transactions and more affordable to buy these altcoins. ETH and DOGE will not only be joining Bitcoin, but also Litecoin. Litecoin is a first generation cryptocurrency that has managed to hold onto its fanbase.

Players will now be able to use all four of these digital coins to wager at BitStarz on over 100s of games just waiting for them. There is a welcome bonus that is just waiting for those which rewards up to €500 or 5BTC over the first couple of casino deposits into this Bitcoin casino.