All About Ethereum

Ethereum is another cryptocurrency that has emerged at online casinos. Although Bitcoin is the most popular payment method at this time, Ethereum is apparently on the rise. Ethereum has caught the attention of many online casinos. Launched in 2014, Ethereum is a Swiss non-profit that was implemented to provide more flexibility while similar to the Bitcoin platform. The currency you may find at online casinos is called Ether, and according to its byline offers a great number of payment options. When funding your casino account using Ether using a wallet, the result is that there will be no problems using this payment method at a variety of online casinos that do offer this option. This new brand of currency will be listed along side other digital payment options.

What Casinos Accept Ether?

Currently there are very few online casinos that accept this method. But there are several sites that do specialize in virtual currencies. You may find a few that accept ETH, as it is called. The most notable casinos that accept Ether are: Spartan Slots, Black Diamond, and Box24.

What is the Difference between Ether and Bitcoin?

When Bitcoin was first launched, they used a decentralized blockchain system. It was created for one currency. While Ethereum, on the other hand, was created to use an endless number of currencies, it also utilizes the blockchain system in a broader sense.

What is the Future of Ethereum?

Time will tell. Right now, Bitcoin is the number one method for online casinos, and more US casinos are adding this payment method to their sites. But don’t rule out Ethereum, as it will play the catch up game with Bitcoin sooner rather than later.

What is Ethereum All About?

More online casinos are offering Ethereum as a payment option and it is no surprise for players to question, "What is Ethereum?" Finding all about this digital payment method will give a new way to deposit and wager. Ethereum or ETH is a type of cryptocurrency like the popular Bitcoin. It is based on blockchain technology and unlike fiat currency, there are no actual physical coins or dollars. It is also a second-generation type of cryptocurrency.

Understanding Ethereum Exchanges and Wallets

It is possible to mine Ethereum but most will purchase it from an exchange and store it inside an electronic wallet. There are a couple of exchanges that will allow casino members to purchase this digital currency. They can download the Ethereum wallet and have it ready to store any coins before purchasing. The wallet will have an address to send or receive ETH coins. Then regular currency such as dollars or Euros can be exchanged and sent to the electronic wallet.

Find Out How Players Use Ethereum

Once the ETH is inside the electronic wallet, it can be used to place wagers on Ethereum flash casinos. The deposit is made to the Cashier using the Banking area of the online casino. Casino members will only have to determine how much they would like to deposit in the equivalent dollar or Euro currency and send this amount from their Ethereum wallet.

Top Ethereum Casinos

With Ethereum being a popular way to make casino payments, it is no surprise to find casino players who want to search for the top Ethereum casinos online. These are casinos that offer mobile gameplay, bonuses, rewards, and tournaments. The casino will have a matched welcome bonus for initial deposits to help grow the bankroll inside the casino account.

Ethereum Casinos For Mobile Play

Those who play casino games with a mobile device might be concerned that they are not able to do so while making deposits with Ethereum. This is actually not so, and mobile players can continue to use an iPhone, iPad or Android tablet or phone to play. They will now also be able to have ETH as a payment option.

Casino Bonuses Using Ethereum

The casino bonuses using Ethereum will depend on the terms and conditions of gameplay. The bonuses can range from 30 to 40% to over 100% as a matched deposit bonus. Some casinos give bonuses directly in Ethereum. Some examples of bonuses are reload bonuses, deposit bonuses, holiday bonuses, free chip bonuses, and more.

Keeping Secure Using Cryptocurrency

There are various ways to keep secure while using Ethereum cryptocurrency. It can be as simple as not storing your coins on a wallet provided by an exchange. Players can also encrypt their electronic wallets and make a backup of the wallet software. It is essential for those who play with cryptocurrency to have strong passwords for all their crypto and casino accounts.